Fresher Skin is Just A Chemical Peel Away

Peel away years of sun damage and dull, tired skin with a signature Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery chemical peel in New Orleans. Our chemical peels utilize non-toxic trichloroacetic acid, which has been safely used for over thirty years. A TCA chemical peel is a perfect way to brighten your complexion and create a natural glow. The acids in a skin peel work to dissolve rough skin and minor discolorations in an exfoliating manner. Chemical peels shed layers of skin that have been aged by environmental factors, stress, hormone changes, and time. The peel process also stimulates new cell growth and tighter skin. For those patients looking to enhance their appearance without the use of fillers or surgeries, chemical peels are a viable option. After a chemical peel service, the appearance of fine lines and superficial wrinkles is diminished.

Peels Provide Acne Relief

Chemical peels are not just for those looking to reverse the signs of aging. Individuals suffering from acne or acne scarring can also gain many benefits from a chemical peel. Great results have been seen for acne sufferers, and this service has been safely performed on patients as young as twelve years old.

Chemical Peels for Sun Damage

Another great result provided by chemical peels is sun damage reduction. Although many of us know that sunscreen should be a daily necessity, sun damage may take years to surface. If you have experienced increased freckling, sunspots, or other sun damage, a chemical peel will help reduce your visible signs of sun damage. Eliminate the evidence of sun damage and uncover healthier skin with one of Bopp’s chemical peel services.

Uncover A Fresher You

Chemical peels are a periodic solution to dull, aging, or scarred skin. This treatment is fully customized- your dermatologist will formulate a peel with a chemical strength suitable for your age, skin type, and primary skin concern. Some patients may experience redness or mild skin shedding for the first week after the treatment, but those side effects are a temporary gateway to a more beautiful complexion. After a chemical peel, facial products absorb better and makeup lays more smoothly. Many patients are delighted to find that after a chemical peel, they end up wearing less makeup than they did before!

Chemical peels require no downtime and can be administered fairly quickly with no need for anesthesia. A chemical peel service generally takes less than an hour, and results from a peel can be seen for many months. In addition, a chemical peel service can be repeated to achieve deeper results. In addition to reduced wrinkling, scarring, and discoloration, you will notice smoother, brighter skin. To learn more about which chemical peel would be right for you, book your consultation in New Orleans with one of the medical experts at Bopp Dermatology and Facial Plastic Surgery.

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