Visit This Highly Rated New Orleans Dermatologist

While a relationship is formed through conversation, a first impression is formed based off of first sight. A large aspect of appearance and first physical notions is someone’s face and their skin. For any minor imperfections or undesirable features in one’s face or skin, those looking to make a change have a great option available by seeing a highly rated New Orleans dermatologist. At Bopp Dermatology, armed with both a board certified dermatologist and a board certified facial plastic surgeon, all health and cosmetic needs can be taken care of with full confidence.

Who is Bopp Dermatology?

With the incredible aid of the valued assistants, Bopp Dermatology is comprised of 4 key members; Dr. Felix Bopp, Dr. Barbara Bopp, Dr. Josephine Brown, and PA Jamie Knowlton. Dr. Felix Bopp learned his craft training for surgery at Tulane while also boasting double certification in head and neck surgery in addition to facial plastic surgery. In his field, he’s listed as one of the highest rated and most trusted facial plastic surgeons in the country. Dr. Barbara Bopp, also Tulane surgeon trained, is best known for her ability to aid in keeping one’s face look young and spry, while using minimal levels of filler. This keeps the most refreshed look available for those looking for her services. Dr. Josephine Brown is a certified dermatologist also from Tulane. Dr. Brown has the most speciality in identifying and leading in curing skin conditions, skin cancer, and moles in both children and adults. Dr. Brown has a soothing manner that helps patients of all types approach their issues with the utmost confidence. Certified Physician’s Assistant, Jamie Knowlton, aids in dermatology with Dr. Barbara Bopp. An integral part of the team, Knowlton helps with all dermatology related issues while also taking charge of the respected photodynamic therapy program at Bopp.

What Does Bopp Dermatology Do?

At Bopp Dermatology, a wide set of great services and procedures are offered at the comfort and convenience of visitors. Cosmetically, procedures include CoolSculpting, Botox, Sculptra, and facial peels in addition to many others. For those looking to maintain and continue their great appearance, the plastic surgery leaves those with a great look and feeling. With the rising risk in skin cancer, the group at Bopp has pre-cancer screenings to detect any issues very early on.Furthermore, Bopp offers laser treatments that include ultherapy and laser genesis. The team can treat any medical skin conditions including acne, eczema, and annoying skin tags as well. Lastly, the team can help with lose suffering from hair loss by offering hair transplants.

See Your New Orleans Dermatologist

With this reliable and trusted practice, it should be a no brainer that the right place to head for any dermatology or facial plastic surgery needs is Bopp Dermatology. For those interested in any of the wide array of services offered can contact Bopp Dermatology by phone at 504-455-9933 or by email at Located at 3421 N. Causeway Blvd. Ste. 102, Metairie, LA, swing by and improve the quality of your life today!

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